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Expressionz of Perfection Training & Workshops

Eyelash Extension  Training

Learn the art of applying eyelash extensions in a fun and relaxed setting. The EOP Beauty Eyelash Extension Training course in Maryland offers 2 -3 days of learning basic to advanced techniques in a private or small group setting. We will guide you through each step so that you fully understand the entire eyelash application technique and will  also be able to apply eyelash extensions successfully. Eyelash extension application isn’t just about placing the extension on the lash – it’s about creating a look and style specific to each client. You are also eligible to receive an official EOP Beauty Eyelash Extension Training Certificate of Completion through this course.


Wig Making Class

This is a skill that will allow you to bring in additional income each month.  Our wig making class is great for beginners who want to learn how to make a U-part and/or Lace Closure Wig by hand stitch or sewing machine.

Hair Braiding Class

We offer Hair Braiding Techniques for students who are interested in learning how to braid, in addition to Professional Braiding courses for those interested in working in a salon.   Need a new career or side hustle? Need to gain a new skill?You can earn between $300 - $1,500 a week?

Interlocking Training Class

Interlocking locs is a maintenance method that involves pulling the end of the loc back through the base of the root.  This method can be healthy and long lasting if done correctly. It can also be used to repair and replace locs

Makeup Lessons

We offer a 4 hour makeup lesson where we will show you how to do a full face from start to finish. This lesson is perfect for someone who wants to improve her makeup skills, needs feedback on how to use products she already owns and recommendations on what to buy to create contemporary looks in their everyday work.


Waxing Class

We offer a couple of different wax classes. This training is designed to help you improve the quality of (hair removal) wax results, technique and speed. Sanitation procedures and product knowledge is also integrated into the session. Must be a licensed estheticians or cosmetologist.

Wax Removal
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