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Different wig styles

Cranial Prosthesis

A hair system custom made and its specially designed for men and women suffering from hair loss due to medical reasons such as chemotherapy, alopecia areata, alopecia totalis, or trichotillimania .  While there is no cure for these conditions, it doesn't mean that there is no solution.

We can design a full cranial prosthetic hair system or a partial hair system depending on your needs

Free Consultation

Hair Replacement Systems

Free Consultation

During a complimentary consultation you will be informed of your options to help you make an informed decision for your investment. Each cranial prosthesis is meticulously custom made.

Hair Prosthesis for Hair Loss

Often insurance covers the cost of a medical wig or cranial prosthesis.  We will be happy to work together with your physician to assist young any way possible. 

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